Articles by Bernd Kulow

Jewish Book Community

What does nanotechnology mean for Jewish daily life? What questions do we ask about the nanomedicines that alter genetics or enable people to print replacement body parts potentially reaching the threshold for infinite life? Do Jewish values and culture have something to say in the greater societal discourse? [...]

Compliance programs promoting gender equity

International and US regulations associated with gender equity have been in place for several decades, but implementation is slow. This presentation examines, how safety professionals implement gender equity within our safety compliance programs that effectively comply with laws promoting women’s rights. The concept of gender equity is as old as our American Revolution. [...]

Spider Silk Jeans or Spider Silk Genes?

What does the prospect of spider silk genes in humans mean for the future of occupational health? This example brings forth questions to examine about where the law draws the line for society regarding any incentives or limits upon genetic research. [...]
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