Compliance programs promoting gender equity

International and US regulations associated with gender equity have been in place for several decades, but implementation is slow. This presentation examines, how safety professionals implement gender equity within our safety compliance programs that effectively comply with laws promoting women’s rights. The concept of gender equity is as old as our American Revolution. [...]

Beijing to Geneva to New York City

This article outlines key concerns discussed in the process called the Beijing plus twenty review, offering a glimmer of insight about where the UN signatory nations were in 1995, where steps forward for women in STEM have been made and the way forward to implement this critical social change beyond paper promises. [...]

What’s the Difference in Gendered Education?

Ironic and true: my brother now works at a very impressive private school just footsteps away from the place where we both grew up. My brother has spent all his life living in the same zip code of New York City with occasional visits to New Jersey Florida and Upstate.  [...]

The Impact of Nanotechnology on Womens Health

Nanomedicine’s novel approach to diagnosis at the molecular level offers the prospect of detecting and locating diseases such as arteriosclerosis at an early stage, already applied for disease costly hospitalisation, improve recovery and enable some patients with previously untreatable or incurable illness to return to productive work, with a good quality of life. [...]