Work Health and Survival Project – WHS

The Work Health and Survival Project is a civil society organization engaged in stakeholder outreach to women, vulnerable populations and the general public to galvanize public discourse about science, law, and the jurisprudence of health with a focus on education.

Our motto is good thinking about good public health. Sound occupational health programs that implement best strategies are the grease for the machinery of powerful economic engines. Information provided through occupational health programs helps employers survive because accidents and disease are not simply expensive but wasteful.

We cannot afford waste in this economy. The fat to be trimmed, however, is not the same as the grease for the wheels and machinery that makes smooth commerce. We believe that occupational health and safety is a human right and that without such protections, civilization cannot survive.

Education of health care providers and institutions, as well as public policymakers, civil society and other organizations, and governmental bodies is essential to integrate public health measures and technological innovations in public health settings.

At the same time, education of the general public is essential to restore the knowledge of and faith in science, technology, and public health expertise, and appreciation for the scientific method as a foundation of the continuing development of knowledge for public health and democratic decision making.

The participating professionals are various experts in two or more of these fields: law, public health, nanotechnology, risk management, interactive and constructivist education, and human rights.

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