Work Health and Survival Project

The Work Health and Survival Project is a think tank about the jurisprudence of health. Our motto is good thinking about good public health.

Sound occupational health programs that implement best strategies are the grease for the machinery of powerful economic engines. Information provided through occupational health programs helps employers survive because accidents and disease are not simply expensive but wasteful. We cannot afford waste in this economy. The fat to be trimmed, however is not the same as the grease for the wheels and machinery that makes smooth commerce. I believe that occupational health and safety is a human right and that without such protections, civilization cannot survive.

I believe that work, health and survival are inextricably linked. That is why I am studying the emerging risks from nanotechnology, with a view to using the big science of small particles to redefine health policy more efficiently by discarding arcane approaches to health at work. Nanotechnology’s revolution for industry can have the momentum to revolutionize public health!

Society needs work and health to survive

Amid modern complexity, there remain constant underlying basic human needs:
Work health and survival have been inextricably linked throughout the history of human civilizations.
Without work, society cannot survive, and no work can perpetuate society without health. No society has survived without producing things, without work. None of these types of work: not the great monuments, not the writings or the arts– could exist without a modicum of human health.

You are welcome to join

The Work Health and Survival Project is open to everybody who wants to be engaged in safety and health at work. You are welcome to join our project. Please feel free to contact us. We need your support.

Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans, Executive Director The Work Health and Survival Project

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