Nano Safety Research

Prof. Shuji Tsuruoka, Ph.D. is one of Japans most famous researchers of safety of nanotechnology.

Prof. Tsuruoka works at the Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu University , Nagano, Japan. The internationaly known toxicologist is mainly concerned with nano-carbon and carbon-nanotubes. He is asking that all manufacturers of nano materials should check their production processes. The adherence of occupational safety and health standards is fundamental for him. And before a nano product goes to the customer the safety should have high priority, not only for the customer but as well for the environment.

Against the background of the revolutionary development of nanotechnology for industry and consumer markets Prof. Tsuruoka is convinced that, “only international collaboration can truly take on the big issues like the impacts of nanotechnology, but also health and climate change.”

Collaboration with toxicological institutes over the world

Prof. Tsuruoka has made significant contributions to the emerging field of nanotechnology and nanotoxicological evaluations. He collaborates with major toxicological study institutes over the world. He collaboratively explored Redox potential of CNTs in terms of biological activities, i.e., ROS reactions in aqueous solutions. Furthermore, he acts as a regional government advisor to small manufacturers keen to develop new technologies with nano carbons. This activity has given rise to innovative industrialized products including CNT yarn and sensors, Carbon Fiber Glued Press, transparent CNT ink.

Shuji Tsuruoka at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland                                                     Photos: Bernd Kulow

Shuji Tsuruoka obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1986. He subsequently worked for Unilever and SC Johnson before joining Mitsui (Tokyo) in 2002 where he worked on the development of nanotechnology. He has been a professor at Shinshu University in Japan since 2011.



Prof. Tsuruoka at the European Scientific Institute, Archamps, France in 2018:

Applications of CNTs & Nano Carbons (PowerPoint)

Manufacturing Processes of CNTs & the other Nano Carbons (PowerPoint)

Nano Toxicology Study on CNT & Nano Carbons Historical Aspects & Standardization (PowerPoint)


At the European Scientific Institute in Archamps, France: Prof. Shuji Tsuruoka with Dr. Ilise Feitshans (ESI) and Profs. Philippe Sabatier and Laurent Charlet (Uni. Grenoble-Alpes) (Credit: ESI/


2011 Senior Technical Manager for Inorganic Chemical Div., Mitsui, Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.

2002 R&D Head of Fumakilla Malaysia. Plc. Penang, Malaysia.

1999 R&D Head & Development Manager for SC Johnson, Japan, Yokohama, Japan,

1994 Manager at Development of Detergent Div. and Technology Research Div., Unilever Japan.

1990 Scientist at Unilever Research Plc., Portsunlight, UK.


1986 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucoson, AZ

1980 Ms. Applied Chemistry, Waseda University, Tokyo , Japan.

Current work:

1. Nano carbon toxicology study

2. Application and industrial development of nano carbon materials.