Cagri Zeybek Ünsal

Çağrı Zeybek Ünsal has a Master of Science degree on information technology law at Hacettepe University Faculty of Law. As her final project in the master’s program, she has written an article on Google’s privacy policy in 2012 with regard to the data protection law in Turkey.

Her interest in information technology law and data protection lead her to pursue her career in bioethics at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. Her main focus is on the ethical and human rights challenges of emerging technologies and their convergence, including biotechnologies, neurotechnologies, nanotechnologies, and information technologies.

Ethical and human rights challenges of emerging medical technologies are her Ph.D. thesis where she discussed which possible legal rules could protect ethical values for new developments. She had her Ph.D. degree on bioethics in 2020.

She is also working for the Hacettepe University Center for Bioethics with a group of bioethicists from different backgrounds.

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