Beijing to Geneva to New York City

copyright: Bernd Kulow

The Long Road Toward Protecting Health for All by Increasing STEM Opportunities for Women

The true-to-life image of only one or two women in
a crowded field of male engineers was not a fantasy
a generation ago, as exemplified by the group
portrait of male trustees of Virginia Commonwealth
University hung in its academic building in 2015. Only
through close observation could one find the sole woman
nestled at the rear of the desk, seated alongside a lamp.
Women’s progress toward equal employment opportunities
to do the hard work of ensuring health and
security for all in the STEM professions is inextricably
tied to implementing the platform of action for women’s
rights prepared by the UN in China
in 1995. That platform is a complex
and verbose document that is undergoing
a global strategic review,
first in Geneva, Switzerland among
the regions of the world and then
in New York City before the UN’s
commission on the status of women.
This article outlines key concerns discussed in the
process called the Beijing plus twenty review, offering
a glimmer of insight about where the UN signatory nations
were in 1995, where steps forward for women in
STEM have been made and the way forward to implement
this critical social change beyond paper promises.

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