• Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law: A Tool for Stakeholder Engagement Small things add up: trillions of dollars of products applying nanotechnology have been marketed to consumers promising new medicines, strong packaging to protect goods from contamination, stronger eyelash mascara and long-lasting lipstick, construction materials for housing, cheaper energy, and new drugs to fight cancer.Nanotechnology applications to consumer products represent a huge slice of daily economic life, heralding a revolutionary age for science and technology. How can the benefits of nanotechnology be realized while protecting public health?     Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law: A Tool for Stakeholder Engagement fills a major void in legal, scientific policy discourse about [...]
  • Dr. Feitshans writes plain English. Readers with different backgrounds enjoy reading the clear style. - Bernd Kulow, Journalist
  • The book fills a void in addressing the legal, social, and policy implications of nanotechnology from a global governance perspective. - John Howard, Director, U.S. NIOSH

Safer Nano Design & Law

  • Nanomedicine is the future for all treatments and diagnoses and the blueprint for the e-hospital. Please accept YouTube cookies to play this video. By accepting you will be [...]

World Congress 2014

  • Interview of Dr. Feitshans by the Council of Europe Press Department about how to define Nanotechnology for the purpose of a treaty or nano regulation or legislation.   Please accept YouTube [...]

Nanotechnology Applications

  • This invited lecture outlines the state of the art of nanotechnology law. Key dilemmas facing scientists, lawyers, and researchers when creating nano regulation. And concludes by demonstrating how nano technology in [...]

International Law Protecting Women Lawyers: Gender Equity for Occupational Safety and Health

Gender equity impacting womens health in the workplace is an old problem, but one that has garnered significant attention in recent decades.  [...]