Harvard University Nano Lecture

This invited lecture outlines the state of the art of nanotechnology law. Key dilemmas facing scientists, lawyers, and researchers when creating nano regulation. And [...]

Interview by the Council of Europe

Interview of Dr. Feitshans by the Council of Europe Press Department about how to define Nanotechnology for the purpose of a treaty or nano regulation or legislation.   [...]

CT3N Symposium 2019

Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine CT3N Symposium 2019 Ilise Feitshans, JD, ScM, DIR, Fellow in International Law of Nanotechnology, European [...]

Nano Safety Research

Prof. Shuji Tsuruoka, Ph.D. is one of Japans most famous researchers of safety of nanotechnology. Prof. Tsuruoka works at the Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, [...]

Forecasting Nano Law: Defining Nano

Law and science have partnered together in the recent past to solve major public health issues, ranging from asbestos to averting the threat of a nuclear holocaust. This paper travels to a legal and health policy frontier where no one has gone before [...]

Revolution of the sensing system

Siddarmark introduces simple and high sensitivity blood pressure and pulse sensor using Sugikuro CNT yarn. You can touch on CNT yarn pad by a fingertip and sensor your blood [...]