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my name is IliseFeitshans

I am an Expert for the Council of Europe in nanotechnology, nanomedicine and the prevention of medicrime.

Nanotechnology has given so many amazing products to society that it has been called a revolution

For scientists nanotechnology provides an amazing view of particles so small that one hundred thousand nanometers make only the diameter of a human hair. But what does this mean for society?

Nanotechnology’s revolution can also revolutionize public health

Every disease can be treated differently thanks to products using nanotechnology. even something as simple as a cell phone can be a lifeline to prevent depression and isolation during illness.

Nano enabled products offer Treatment before symptoms happen, and will therefore change the meaning of disability and health.  Planning about health care systems that use nanotechnology   therefore gives us rare opportunity to remove embedded prejudices in systems that have hurt us.  we the consumers of public health programming should seize that revolution and

participate in the decisions and use this opportunity to set right whatever

was wrong with the public health system. Nanotechnology’s revolution can also revolutionize public health for everyone

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