Felipe Picard

Felipe Picard currently works as an intern at a micro and nanotechnology lab at Farmanguinhos, FioCruz’s research, technological innovations, and drug production unit.

FioCruz is a Brazilian public institution and has a critical impact on the health condition and education of the population and is now leading the researches for COVID-19 here in Brazil.

Felipe Picard is a Brazilian undergraduate nanotechnology student from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). His interests rely on learning about nanotechnology’s applications in health and materials science, knowing how to create and market novel products, and understanding ways to make products with nanotechnology safer not only for consumers but also for producers.

Besides that, he has recently joined his course’s academic center and intends to improve our international opportunities and make nanotechnology better known and understood by all people.
Apart from his college’s main subjects, he is also very fond of programming and sometimes makes some simple hobbyist projects involving electronics and coding. He loves to learn about science and innovations in general, as well as to make and think about these projects, and often times even comes up with possible uses of nanotechnology in them.

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