Safer Nano Design & Law, Archamps, France

Safer Nano Design & Law May 26 – June 4 2018, Archamps, France

Assessing the risk of nanomaterials on environment and human health
Today, engineered nanomaterials are to be found in at least 1800 commercially available products. With their unique properties and potential to significantly reduce dependence on extractable raw materials, the possible benefits to industry, and society as a whole, are enormous. However, robust information on the risks associated with extensive use of nanoscale particles and devices remains inadequate, and the gap between data generation and the ability of agencies to perform assessment continues to grow. This situation is compounded by the diversity of engineered nanomaterials in both their composition and the nature of the potential hazards they present.

Dr. Ilise Feitshans will be Module Coordinator for Law and Guidance.

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SaferNano prepares tomorrow’s researchers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and regulators to take on the complex challenges posed by nanotechnology. Using a “safer-by-design” approach, involving the development of new methods of life-cycle assessment, SaferNano introduces highly motivated scientists and lawyers, nearing or at the end of their university education, to working in a pluridisciplinary and international environment. The school offers them a transformational opportunity to broaden their skills-sets in a range of fields including advanced research strategies, sustainable business planning, ethics and regulatory law.

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