Spider Silk Jeans or Spider Silk Genes?

What does the prospect of spider silk genes in humans mean for the future of occupational health? This example brings forth questions to examine about where the law draws the line for society regarding any incentives or limits upon genetic research. [...]

20 Years after the Oviedo Convention

An intervention seeking to modify the human genome may only be undertaken for preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and only if its aim is not to introduce any modification in the genome of any descendants. [...]

Tedtalk Nano

For scientists nanotechnology provides an amazing view of particles so small that one hundred thousand nanometers make only the diameter of a human hair. But what does this mean for society? Nanotechnology’s revolution can also revolutionize public health [...]

Looking Backward to Look Forward

Protecting human rights concerning genetically related aspects of biomedicine has been effectively addressed by the Oviedo Convention. Marvelous achievements nonetheless require ancillary législation to promote coherent Paneuropean policies for implementation by national governments and locally.   [...]