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Presentation in Haddonfield Public Library and Haddonfield Public Schools

Longtime Haddonfield resident and Fellow in International Law of Nanotechnology at the European Scientific Institute in Archamps (France), Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans JD and ScM and DIR made two presentations about her book “GLOBAL Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law” next week in Haddonfield Public Library and also Haddonfield Public Schools.

On May 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Haddonfield Public Library, 60 N. Haddon Ave., Haddonfield, N.J., the public was invited to hear Feitshans’ view that “nanotechnology’s revolution for the world’s economy can also provide the catalyst for revolutionizing public health — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to retool industry, rethinking the role of key stakeholders for reshaping public health policy and health care delivery.”

Dividing her time between Switzerland, France Asia and Haddonfield, Feitshans considers herself to be a local Mom who raised Haddonfield School District graduate Jay Levy Feitshans, Esq (a lawyer now in Medical School) and his sister Emalyn Levy Feitshans who graduated Haddonfield Friends School and is now at Columbia University,

Dr ilise FEITSHANS has been invited to speak to current students both her native English and in French. Her second presentation will be held in AP French class at Haddonfield Memorial High School on May 24 at 12:00 p.m. (in French!)  Using photos of 3D printed  bridge construction projects from China and photos from her recent visit to Notre Dame after the fire, Feitshans will ask the students “… what they think of the very real possibility that parts of the broken Cathedral of Notre Dame may be repaired in part by artisans and in part by nano-enabled 3D-printing.” . 

She will also meet with students at Haddonfield Middle School. Noting that when she was a child “girls didn’t study science in then all-male elite schools” she is delighted to talk about the rule of law and the role of law in shaping opportunities in Science technology engineering and Math (“STEM”) Her book is the product of the first Swiss doctorate on the subject of nanotechnology law and is deeply connected to her work developing the infrastructure for nanoregulation in the USA an d Europe.

The Presentation at the High School in Haddonfield

I am delighted and honored by the warm response of the students in the AP French class at the high school last week!
My French spouse Dominique was quite proud and pleased that I spoke in French in Haddonfield and i must confess it was great fun!
One thing I learned from the presentation:
It is quite eye-opening to realize that when these students were seven years old the nanotechnology-enabled products on one of my slides (from 2008)  were entering the market. At that same time,  people were tinkering with the question whether it would be possible to create systems for so-called 3D printing..And when I asked which of thse students had done 3D printing they unanimously raised their hand.
Thus the technology is advancing so rapidly that a concept can become a product used by every high school student in about a decade.
That is remarkably fast compared to a wide array of other technologies. .
For the middle school I will talk more about the existing products and try to introduce some basic legal concepts that are already in the laws.
As future decisionmakers and consumers they will need to start thinking about these ideas now, given the rapid pace of nanotechnology advances!
 I will do my very best to strike a balance: interesting and basic while keeping the passion for a topic this fascinating! For this reason too I have included a slide of photos relating to the fire last month at Notre Dame de Paris
I welcome also questions from the media and of course to discuss careers in STEM or law or international relations  (or writing!) with students and staff whether middle school or high school.. or younger. In my own experience my father knew that he wanted to be a lawyer before he chose his high school, as did my son. And I sure do recall some people telling me I argued and talked like a lawyer even when I was a child …(please smile here)
Therefore career questions are appropriate at any age and I welcome any opportunity to discuss careers.
Please feel free to contact me. Phone:  917 239 9960 Email:

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